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Massey’s Bail Bonds is Utah’s most trusted bail bond company. When you call us we will find out what County Jail they are in, the Charges, Bail Amount, & Court information. Massey’s is here to give you the most cost effective solution to getting your loved one released from jail the same day. All you pay is a small 10-20% fee and Massey’s puts up the Bail. We take pride in helping you through this difficult time by going through the step by step process so you don’t feel left in the dark. Once your loved one is released we will provide them with Utah Criminal Attorneys so they can prepare a strong defense. Our Local Bail Bondsman’s are all over the state of Utah conveniently located within minutes of the County Jails so your loved one isn't sitting in jail a moment longer!! With over a decade of experience in the Utah Bail Bond industry Massey's feel confident that all your questions will get answered. Don't wait a minute longer let Massey's earn your Business NOW!!

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A Bond can be bought from a licensed Utah Bail Bond company and will be put in place of the Bail set by the court. In order to qualify to buy a Bond you must be able to show you have the financial means to pay the Bail if your loved one fails to appear for court up to sentencing. All you pay is a small fee and if all appearances are met then it will satisfy the Bond and no additional fees will be charged from the Bail Bond Company. In most cases all that is required is the Fee and a signature guaranteeing all court appearances. Call Massey’s today for a fee quote!!  

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