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When you find out your loved one incarceration, you need a professional Utah Bail Bond Company. First of all, Massey has been writing Bail for over a decade, with over 12 million in Bail written. Also, We have a 98% approval rating & are licensed and bonded to write Bail in the State of Utah. So, when you call, you will speak directly to the Owner with over 15 years of experience. Joshua Massey will immediately get the Bail Amount, Charges, & Court information from the jail. Mr. Massey will explain the bonding process; & answer any question you have. In addition; All of this information is provided to you free of charge with no commitment to buy. So; Don’t wait another minute call Utah’s Most Trusted Bail Bond Company NOW!

One-Time Guaranteed Fee

First, When deciding to buy a Utah Bail Bond, its essential you first know this will be the cheapest option to bailing your loved one out of jail. A one-time fee guarantees your loved ones release from incarceration until found guilty, not guilty, or the case dismissed. Even though; Utah law requires Bail Bond Companies to charge a state minimum of 10% & a maximum not exceeding 20%. Massey’s Bail Bonds guarantees the State minimum 10% no matter what your situation is.

Furthermore; We are a customer based company and you are put first over our profits. Our premier rates are the best in the business! Call now for a hassle-free quote today!

Professional Utah Bail Bondsman 

Utah has 29 counties. Twenty-six of those counties have State-Run correctional facilities that house those who have had the misfortune of being arrested. Massey’s Bail Bonds have professional Utah Bail Bond Agents throughout the state. Our Bail Bondsman’s go through an extensive 6-month training program. Our Agents are deep-rooted in the community where they write Bail. Have years of experience, are appropriately licensed, and are approved to write Bail the county. Once approved, one of our expert agents will contact you to complete a Utah Bail Bond application either over the phone or at the jail. Whichever is more convenient for you. The Bond’s posted, and your loved one will be released the same day. Call now to get your loved one out of jail.

County Jails Throughout State of Utah

Massey’s Bail Bonds years of experience with the county jails throughout the State of Utah has allowed us to know there shift change, meal times, count times, & when the correctional facilities are on lockdown. We know the jails releasing process, and the time it takes for this to occur. Knowing the jail’s busy times throughout the week. Once you have a bond will tell you the best time to meet us at the correctional facility and the time that your loved one will be released. Having this information guarantees a smooth and painless release. Therefore; It means you will never have to sit at the jail for hours on end waiting for your loved one to be released. Call now to find out the best approach to getting your loved one released FAST!

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