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Are you looking for a bail bond company that offers competitive rates, a local bail bondsman, and can have your loved one released the same day? Massey’s Bail Bonds has been providing our clients the best rates for over a decade. Although every one of our clients has unique cases, all are eager to get released from jail and back to their lives. Massey’s never charges a higher rate no matter what the situation. It’s our promise to you that not only will we guarantee the best price, but we will stand behind the bond throughout the entire due process. So to get started, call and get immediate bail information now and a free quote.

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Working with a bail bond company that has a bail bondsman in Randolph means two things. First, cost savings! If the agent doesn’t have to travel to a county in Utah where they do not reside the bail agent is going to charge a fee to cover their cost to travel to that correctional facility. Second, a smooth bonding process! The agent will be familiar with the jail’s schedule of shift changes, inmate count times, meal times, etc. In addition, a rapport has been established between the agent and the jail staff. Ask yourself, “why is this important?” Interestingly, each county jail has its own policies and procedures when it comes to their bonding and releasing process. Therefore, having an agent that knows this process allows for a smoother and seamless release.

Rich County Jail, Randolph City, Utah

The Rich County Jail is located in the heart of Randolph, Utah under the Rich County 1st District courthouse. If your loved one finds themselves getting arrested this will be the correctional facility they will be transported to. First, once arriving the correctional officers will complete a booking process which takes no more than 1 hour. Second, your loved one will be given access to make calls to arrange bail, once the booking is completed. Finally, once your loved one makes arrangements with the only bail bond company in Randolph. Our bondsman will have them released the same day. Massey’s Bail Bonds looks forward to hearing from you and earning your business! So call today and get the help you need immediately!

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