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Are you looking for a Bail Bond Company that offers competitive rates, a Local Bail Bondsman, & can have your loved one released the same day? First of all; Massey’s Bail Bonds have been providing our clients the best rates for over a decade. Although; Every one of our clients has unique cases, all are eager to get released from jail and back to their lives. Most of all; Massey’s, never charge a higher rate no matter what the situation. Furthermore; It’s our promise to you that not only will we guarantee the best price but we will stand behind the bond throughout the entire due process. So; to get started call directly, get immediate Bail information and a free quote.

Randolph Bail Bond Company with an experienced Bail Bondsman

Massey Bail Bond Company Agent

Working with a Bail Bond Company that has a Bail Bondsman in Randolph, Utah means 2 things. First; cost savings! If the agent doesn’t have to travel to a county in Utah where they do not reside the Bail Agent is going to charge a fee to cover their cost to travel to that correctional facility. Second; A Smooth Bonding Process! The agent will be familiar with the jail’s schedule of Shift Changes, Inmate Count Times, Meal Times, Etc. In addition; a rapport has been established between the agent and the jail staff. Ask yourself; Why is this important? Surprisingly; Each county jail has its own policies and procedures when it comes to their Bonding and Releasing process. Therefore; having an agent that knows this process allows for a smoother and seamless release.

Rich County Jail

The Rich County Jail is located in the heart of Randolph, Utah under the Rich County 1st District courthouse. Consequently; If your loved one finds themselves getting arrested this will be the correctional facility they will be transported to. First; once arriving the correctional officers will complete a booking process which takes no more than 1 hr. Second; your loved one will be given access to make calls to arrange Bail, once the booking is completed. Finally; once you’re loved one makes arrangements with the only Bail Bond Company in Randolph, Utah, ours Bondsman will have them released the same day. Furthermore; Masse’s Bail Bonds looks forward to hearing from you and earning your business! So; call today and get the help you need immediately!

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