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Do you need a Bail Bondsmen? Is your loved one incarcerated in Manti, Utah? It’s understandable when finding out someone you love is incarcerated; your first instinct is to rush to the jail and get them out; Stop! The Sanpete County Jail is a secured facility, & you are going to be denied access to visiting your loved one. Additionally; Due to Privacy Laws, the jail will be very limited in what information they can release to you. Instead, Call Massey’s Bail Bonds; we’ll get you the Bail information within minutes of calling, provide the information to you, & offer you the most cost-effective solution to get your loved one out of Sanpete County Jail.

Licensed Bail Bondsmen in Manti, Utah

Bail Bondsmen Elizabeth Anderson in Manti, Utah

My name is Elizabeth Anderson, I am a licensed Bail Bondsmen writing Bail in Manti, Utah. I have lived in Sanpete County for over 30 Years and reside within minutes of the local correctional facility. Furthermore; When you call the owner Joshua Massey he will go over the Bonding process, provide the details surrounding the arrest of your loved one, & offer you a free quote. Once the bond is approved I will be your point of contact to meet you at the Sanpete County Jail, get the Bond posted, and your loved one released. So; Call today, you have no obligation to buy. Massey’s Bail Bonds will get you the information you need immediately with no strings attached!

Sanpete County Jail, Manti, Utah

The Sanpete County Jail is located on the outskirts of Manti, Utah. Massey’s Bail Bonds works directly with the Jailers and is familiar with their booking process, count, meal, & shift changes. In addition; the jailers are familiar with our agency. This detail allows us to post the bond with a minimal wait time for your loved one to be released. Massey’s Bail Bonds is a local business offering affordable Bail Bonds service, & a Local Bail Bondsmen to help get you through this difficult time. Call today and let us help you through this difficult time!

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