Bail Bondsmen in Panguitch, Utah

A local bail bondsmen saves you time and money. Massey’s Bail Bonds employees a professional right in Panguitch, Utah, The bondsman was raised in Panguitch and works less than 2 miles from the jail. Massey’s guaranteed fee means you pay the minimum cost with full disclosure of our prices. Within minutes of calling, you are provided all the bail information and a free quote! After speaking with your loved one and determining that you are wanting to inquire about bailing them out, contact Massey’s Bail Bonds for a hassle-free quote!

Bail bondsmen in Garfield County, UT

Bail Bondsmen Elizabeth AndersonElizabeth Anderson is a professional bail bondsmen in Panguitch, Utah. She has gone through a 6-week training program to learn all the terms and conditions of bonds, the bonding process, and how to correctly complete the Utah bail bond application. Therefore, Macey is trained to help our clients, answer all their questions, & have your loved one out of jail in a timely manner. Call Massey’s Bail Bonds now. Allow us to get you through this process seamlessly.

Garfield County Jail, Panguitch, Utah

The Garfield County jail is located on the west side of town in Panguitch, Utah. The average release time is 30 minutes once Massey’s posts the bond. Our bail bondsmen is familiar with the jails shift change, count times, and meal times. Upon a timely release, Ms. Stephenson will go over the terms and conditions of the bond, answer any questions, gather information on the accused, and offer any professional references. Massey’s look forward to hearing from you and helping during this difficult time. Massey’s Bail Bonds works hard to earn your trust. Our clients’ ability to trust in everything we are instructing them allows us to be more effective in the bonding process. Massey’s Bail Bonds looks forward to your call and the chance to help in this time of need!

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