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Are you looking to bail out of jail in Midway, Utah? The first things you need to know are how much the bail amount is, what the charges are, and court information! You also need to know the original bail amount can change within 24 hours. In most cases, the Utah bail schedule determines the bail. However, a judge will review the arresting officers’ probable cause statement to make a final determination on the bail amount. Once bail is set, you can bond your loved one out of jail. The bond guarantees your loved one will remain out of state custody until they are found guilty, not guilty or the case is dismissed. Call Massey’s Bail Bonds now; We are a professional company providing immediate service

Bail out of jail with a local bail bondsman in Midway, UT

Bail Out of Jail with Elizabeth AndersonWorking with a local bail bond company allows for an inexpensive rate without additional fees and a timely release from jail. In the state of Utah, the Department of Insurance regulates Utah bail bond companies. The state has dictated the fees a bondsman can charge. (10% – 20% for the premium, $20 per set of documents, a credit card fee not to exceed 5%, and a jail fee up to $20 charged by the jail to post the bond.) Underwriting guidelines determine the prices. To find out the cost, call our local bail agent now for a free quote!

Wasatch County Jail, Midway, Utah

Once you have hired a local bail bond company to bail out of jail in Midway, Utah, a bond will be posted at the Wasatch County Jail. The correctional facility never closes, so posting bail is never an issue. Our agent will give you a couple of options. If you are a resident of Utah and can meet at the jail, we will complete the application there. If you are an out of state resident we will complete everything over the phone. Once complete the agent will post the bond at the jail. Don’t wait another minute, call Massey’s Bail Bonds NOW!

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