Need a bailbondsmen in Gunnison, Utah?

Looking for a bailbondsmen in Gunnison, Utah; that’s dependable, reliable, & affordable? Massey’s Bail Bonds have been in business for over 15 + years. We employ a local Bondsman that lives minutes from the Sanpete County jail. Furthermore; the agent is available anytime to post bail. Massey’s Bail Bonds guarantees the best rates and discloses our fee. If you need Bail information, please don’t hesitate to call us. You will speak directly to the owner. Joshua Massey will contact the correctional facility within minutes of calling. He will provide the Bail information and offer you a free quote with no obligation to buy. If posting bail makes sense. Additionally; I will personally put you in touch with our local agent to complete the Bond. Call now to get started.

Professional bailbondsmen in Gunnison, Utah

professional bailbondsmen in Gunnison, Utah

Elizabeth Anderson has resided in Sanpete County her entire life. She is familiar with the jailers at the jail and many of the residents in Gunnison, Utah. When working with Elizabeth, you’ll feel confident & treated with the utmost respect. Ms. Anderson will meet you at the jail immediately to post the bond. Not to mention; she will give you peace of mind when loved one’s released they will remain on bond through the entire judicial process. Call Utah’s most trusted Bailbondsmen today for professional bonding service.

Sanpete County Jail

When arrested in Gunnison, Utah, the arresting officer will take your loved one to the Sanpete County jail. When arriving at the County Jail, the Jail staff will conduct their booking process. The arresting officer completes the probable cause statement. Once complete the jailer will email the officers statement to an on-call Judge. The Judge reviews the officer’s statement, determines the accused ties to the community, & pulls criminal history to determine bail. This judge has 24 hours to review and address Bail. Once completed, the Judge will let the jail know the bail amount. For additional information, please call Massey’s Bail Bonds directly.

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