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Working with the Best Bail Bondsman in Beaver Utah makes the Bonding process smooth and seamless. What makes Massey’s the best? First and foremost is the cost! Massey’s Bail Bonds rates are never based on the risk, or “situation”, instead solely determined by the Bail Amount, & the Bail Amount alone. Simply put, clients never pay more in a desperate situation. Call Massey’s to get the Bail information immediately, Massey’s answers your questions about how Bonds work, and work up a deal for you that fits your budget!

Work with the Best Bail Bondsman in Beaver, Utah

 Mel Williams, Best Bail Bondsman in Beaver, UtahThe Beaver County Jail allows Licensed Bail Bond Companies authorized to Post Bail to send the Bonds remotely. So why does a Local Bondsman matter? First; when clients are paying cash, putting up collateral, or simply wanting to shake the hand with whom they are doing business, having a local presence allows for this. Second; even though the jail allows companies to post remotely Massey’s understands the Jail prefers to not only have the physical bond in hand but appreciates the local presence. Call the Best Bail Bondsman in Beaver, Utah now to get started!

Beaver County Jail

The Beaver County Jail is located in the Outskirts of Beaver, Utah off Hwy I -15. This correctional facility like all facilities in the State of Utah is secured. What this means to you is that going over to the jail to see your loved one outside of visiting hours is never an option. The jail is prohibited by HIPAA laws to provide information outside of Public information.
Massey’s Bail Bonds have been doing business with the jail for years, our experience will not only get you the information you need in minutes but also; explain what co-signing on a Bond means. Don’t wait another minute, call the Best Bail Bondsman NOW!


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