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Bonding out of Jail with Massey’s is easy! Massey’s – A professional bail bond company in Clearfield, Utah. Massey’s has built a reputation of putting clients first! When you call your questions will be answered without the obligation to buy. We provide a level of service you can depend on. Furthermore, Massey’s will explain and simplify the bonding process. We do this by providing the bail information, court information, and professional resources within minutes of calling. In addition, our bail agent, Melvin Williams, has been working with us for over a decade. He will share his expertise and offer options on the best approach to get your loved one out of jail.  Call Massey’s Bail Bonds now to get started.

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Bonding Out of Jail with Mel Williams

When Bonding Out of Jail Massey’s advises you on the best approach. Whether that be posting bail or a referral to other professionals like; treatment centers and criminal attorneys. If posting bond is the best option our professional bondsman in Clearfield, Utah will contact you to complete a Utah bail bond application. On average the application will take 30 minutes to complete. When the contract is completed the agent will post the bond at the Davis County Jail. When the defendant is released the bondsman will go over the terms and conditions of the bond. The agent will complete the defendant’s portions of the bonding application. If needed, the agent will provide information on criminal attorneys and treatment center options in Clearfield, Utah. Massey’s Bail Bonds is here to help and looks forward to hearing from you!

Davis County Jail, Clearfield, Utah

The Davis County jail provides an online inmate roster with public information on the incarcerated person. The roster provides the date and time booked, charges, and bail amount. This way you have an idea on why your loved one is incarcerated. In addition, when calling Massey’s, we will provide you the court location and go over the arresting process upon release. This will give you an idea of when the incarcerated will appear in court. Massey’s bail agent is familiar with the jail’s booking and releasing process. Also the correctional officers shift changes, count, and meal times. As a result, this allows Massey’s to provide an immediate release time of thirty minutes when Bonding Out of Jail. Call now to get the best rates guaranteed!


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