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When Bonding out of Jail and finding out your loved one has been arrested and booked into the Iron County Jail in Cedar City, Utah; your first thought is to rush over to the Jail and speak to your loved one and find out what’s going on; STOP! Going to Jail will only cause you more frustration. The Jails will not disclose the charges on your loved one’s case.

The Jail is a State-run secured facility & visiting your loved one while they are in the booking process – put; “Not going to happen!” Massey’s Bail bonds have been working with the county jail here for over twelve years now. Within five minutes of calling us, we will be able to provide you the charges, court information & Bail amount. If posting bail isn’t an option, we can give you a tentative court date and the contact information to the court where their charges are. Don’t wait another minute call Massey’s for immediate help!


Responsive Bail Bondsman in Cedar City, Utah 

Bonding Out with Mel Williams Mel Williams services the Iron County Jail & has for several years now. Having such a responsive Bondsman means your loved one will not have to sit in Jail awaiting the agent to find the time to post the Bond. When Bonding out of jail contact Massey’s agent, Mel Williams who’s the only career is a professional Bondsman. Our level of service is to put our clients above our earnings. Which means you get the best price guaranteed! Call now for a free quote!

Iron County Jail Bonding Process

The Iron County jail is located just off of I-15 in Cedar City, Utah. If your loved one is arrested in Iron County no matter what city they’re transported here, once they arrive the jailer will await the arresting officer’s report and bail recommendation to book the accused into the correctional facility. Once booked, the incarcerated will have access to make local calls and can set up a phone account to make long distance calls to let their loved ones know & for and Bonding Out of Jail.
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