The Benefits of An Inmate Look Up System For The County Jails

The Benefits of A Utah Inmate Look Up System For The County Jails

Inmate Look Up System brought to you by Massey’s Bail Bonds

Inmate Look Up SystemHaving access to an Inmate Look Up System in Utah when you find out your loved one is locked up in a County Jail in Utah can help you know the following: What they have been charged with. How much there Bail is. County Jail they are in. What court there charges are out of, And; a Current Picture of the inmate. However; when you call the County Jails they tell you to call a Bail Bond Company.

The Jail cannot release inmates information. This can be very frustrating to anyone who is just trying to get information. Information; to help out the people they love but aren’t able to because of privacy issues. There are 26 County Jails in Utah & you can go to Utah Offender Search to find your loved one. In addition; the county jail they are in.  Massey’s Bail Bonds believes the following is why more County Jails in Utah should follow suit and have an Inmate Lookup system.

Why the Utah Jail should all use an Inmate Lookup System

  1. On the spot access to Charges, Bail Amounts, And Court information
  2. Reduces calls coming into the County Jails From Bail Bond Companies, General Public, Government agencies, & Criminal Attorneys.
  3. When calling on behalf of the inmate you know the correct information to share with Attorneys, Bonding Companies, & Family.
  4. With fewer calls coming in to the Jails it will reduce the cost of the calls inmates are making going out. (Most County Jails that have an online Inmate Lookup system don’t charge inmates for outgoing local calls in Booking)
  5. People are able to see a current picture of the inmate, This is important if there has been some type of physical altercation.
  6. Finally, For Family members it gives the sense of an attachment to your loved one.

As supporters to an online Inmate Lookup system for County Jails throughout the State of Utah Massey’s Bail Bonds will continue to educate the Jails, Public, & Government agencies to promote its benefits and identify the inefficiencies of the status quo.

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