Is Bail a Constitutional Right

Is Bail a Constitutional Right

Is Bail a Constitutional right is brought to you by Massey’s Bail Bonds

Is Bail a Constitutional RightFirst; the Eight Amendment of the United States protects you from excessive bail. Excessive Fines. Cruel & Unusual punishment. Therefore; The right to bail is not a constitutional right. Properly understanding the 8th amendment will help you understand the purpose of the law. Furthermore; This protects the people from being charged with excessive fines. These fines unfortunately;  can add up to amounts the people will never be able to pay.

Excessive Bail – Is Bail a Constitutional Right

Ultimately; preventing excessive bail is to prevent judges from setting or enforcing their own rules and/or guidelines. Furthermore; without the 8th Amendment; a judge could set bail high. Out of financial range that the accused would have the means to post bail. Instead; The accused would then be faced to await their trial. Fortunately; the 8th Amendment keeps bail amounts fair based on the crime(s) committed. Therefore; fairness and consistency is guaranteed within the system. Most of all; it ensures that each person is treated fairly and provided the same opportunities.

Consequently; Posting bail, while it can be complicated- is an easy process when hiring the right company.  In the United States our judicial system puts the burden of proof on the prosecutor to prove guilt. So; the presumption of innocence is on the accused. This means that with most arrests, bail is possible.

Finally! Massey’s Bail Bonds fights hard for your rights to ensure they are being given a fair and just due process and reasonable bail for the alleged charges they are facing. In Conclusion; we support our clients and their needs – and will answer any question surrounding this process. So; For more information call us directly and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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