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What is Jail Bonding Process? It’s the process of being Bonded out of Jail through a licensed Utah Bail Bond Company. Massey’s Bail Bonds works directly with N. Salt Lake, Utah families as well as families not residents of the state who have had the misfortune of incarceration. To understand if a bond is the right decision, Massey’s will put you in touch with a professional Bondsman in Davis County to answer your questions & share there experience with you. Massey’s Agent can meet you at the jail immediately. Don’t hesitate to call Massey’s Bail Bonds; With no obligated to buy Massey’s provides the Bail information hassle-free. A Licensed Professional Bondsman is standing by to take your call.

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Elizabeth Anderson in N. Salt Lake understanding the Jail Bonding Process

Professional Bondsman Elizabeth Anderson has worked for Massey’s Bail Bonds in N. Salt Lake for over a decade. Massey’s provides Elizabeth monthly training on the constant changes in Bail Bonding, Case Scenarios, & Operations of the bonding process. Elizabeth; an experienced Bail Agent will walk you through the Jail Bonding process, & answer questions you may have. Professional referrals offered if needed. Call a North Salt Lake Bail Bondsman for a free quote today!

Davis County Jail

If arrested in N. Salt Lake, the arresting officer arrests the accused based on Probable Cause. When arrested, an officer transports the accused to the Davis County Jail. Once booked, the jail staff provides access to make phone calls, at which the inmate may call friends, family, or a bondsman. Massey understands finding out your loved ones incarcerated is never a good feeling. Let our professional staff put you at ease with guaranteed best rates, the same-day release, and a North Salt Lake Bail Bondsman to help guide you through the Jail Bonding Process. Don’t wait another minute call Utah’s Most Trusted Bail Bondsman NOW for immediate Bail information & same-day release!

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