Officer Shootings in Utah

Officer Shootings in Utah

Officer Shootings in UtahOfficer Shootings in Utah are on the rise. First of all; Many of us love living in the state of Utah. You may be an avid skier or snowboarder; maybe it’s the low cost of living and growing economy that keeps you here. Your reasoning for living in the state of Utah will vary from resident to resident, but one important reason you should notice is the low crime rate.

According; to neighbor hood scouts, a website that provides crime rates and statistics, you have a 1 in 486 chance of being a “victim” in Salt Lake City. At first glance you may think that’s not so great, but when you compare it to the city of Detroit ,where you have a 1 in 47 chance of being a “victim” , you’ll probably feel a little bit better about not remembering to lock your doors. Utah’s low crime rate is appealing no matter how you look at it, but just because statistics will tell you you’re safer here, it does not necessarily mean you will not come across crime or violence.

Officer Shootings in Utah, Are Officers Keeping Us Safe?

Over the last five years, Utah has seen fewer than 300 homicides. A more interesting number is that 15% of those homicides were committed by police officers. Police officers have killed 45 victims over the last five years. That’s more than gangs or drug dealers in the state of Utah combined. In many cases, the homicide can be justified due to officer safety or to the safety of the innocent around them. But, the word “justified” can be a little murky. If an officer is attacked or threatened with a weapon, he is justified in protecting himself. But is an officer justified if he thinks a person has a weapon?  Police officers are supposed to “Serve and Protect”, but sometimes it’s hard to see who they’re protecting.

Not all crimes will be as extreme as homicide in the state of Utah. You can be a victim of a much lesser crime. In some incidents you may have committed the crime. If this is the case, Utah is home to a reputable Bonding company named Massey’s Bail Bonds. Financing a bond or finding out information on the bonding process should be your top priority if you ever find yourself incarcerated in Utah.

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