SLC Criminal Attorneys

Brown, Bradshaw, & MoffatSLC Criminal Attorneys
422 N. 300 W.
SLC, UT 84101
Attorneys Jim Bradshaw, Mark Moffat, Mike Holjie, & Ann Marie Taliaferro

Intermountain Legal
2159 S. 700 E. Ste 240
SLC, UT 84106

Stowell & Crayk
525 S. 300 E. Ste #200
SLC, UT 84111
Attorney: Adam Crayk & Chris Bown

Hiring an SLC Criminal Attorney is essential when being arrested on a criminal case. First; Look for Attorneys that have experience in the specific criminal case your loved one has been charged with, for example; Drug case. Second; Look up the law firms’ reviews to see what others have to say about there experience with them. Third, meet with the firms you are interested in and see what their strategy has been in previous cases that are similar to yours. Ask the firm to request discovery and meet with you again to determine what their plan will be.

Massey’s Bail Bonds understands this is never easy to have to find an SLC Criminal Attorneys to protect your loved one’s rights after finding out that there charged in a criminal case. However, Massey has taken liberty after a decade of experience of seeing the depositions of cases to provide three law firms that are both affordable & competent to assist in your criminal case. If you find yourself in need of Bail contact Massey’s Bail Bonds directly