Treatment Centers in Cedar City, Utah

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Treatment Centers Cedar City, Utah

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LDS 12 Step Program 

No Health Without Mental Health Treatment Centers

Southwest Behavioral Health Center
245 E 680 S, Cedar City, UT 84720
(435) 867-7654

A Center For Emotional Health and Well-Being
66 W Harding Ave, Cedar City, UT 84720
(435) 590-4411

Massey’s Bail Bonds believes in treatment for all; If you have a pending criminal case against you or your loved one for charges that involve, drugs, alcohol, or mental health you or your loved one should join a support group, or get a mental health evaluation. This will be viewed well when going through the due process in Cedar City, Utah. Meetings are a great alternative to finding others struggling with the same and there is no commitment other than just listening. Take the initial step and click or call today!