Bail Bonds code of ethics


Utah Bail Bonds code of ethics

1.) Utah Bail Bonds code of ethics is important to maintain a level of service that is exceptional to our clients.

2.) A Professional Bail Bondsman should comply with the rules and regulations governed by the State of Utah. Furthermore; stay up to date on changes in the laws that govern the Professional Bail Bond industry.

3.) The Co-signer & Defendant should have full disclosure on the fees,

4.) Furthermore; the terms & conditions of the Bonding agreement should be read to the Co-Signer & Defendant,

5.) In addition; a Bond shall not be revoked prior to the defendant being found guilty, not guilty, or case dismissed without materially showing good cause for such action.

6.) As a result; when a defendant meets with a Professional Bail Bondsman they should be informed on all courts his/her charges are out of. The phone #’s to courts. Court dates. & professional referrals as needed.

7.) A Professional Bail Bondsman shall know & furthermore; have the answers to any question pertaining to the Bail Bond Agreement,

8.) Most of All; a Bail Bondsman shall treat any and all personal information obtained from the Co-signer & Defendant, confidential.

8.) In Final; both the Co-signer & Defendant shall be given copies of the Utah Bail Bond agreement.

However; If you have any more questions about our Utah Bail Bonds code of ethics call Massey’s Bail Bonds directly. And; let us explain how we make the bail bond process Honest. Professional. & Easy!