Utah Bail Bonds Vs Pre-Trial Services

Why buy a Utah Bail Bonds Vs Pre-Trial Services? 

Utah Bail Bonds Vs Pre-Trial Services brought to you by Massey’s Bail Bonds

Utah Bail Bonds Vs Pre-Trial ServicesAs the Owner of a Utah Bail Bond Company; my biggest threat is Pre-Trial Services. Pre-Trial service is a state service funded by the tax payers. Yes that’s right our tax dollars are being used to employ a service that lets out criminals. It makes it even worse when these criminals fail to go to court. Pre-Trail; is not the private sector. Unlike; a Utah Bail Bond company who is on the hook to pay the full bail to the courts. Pre-Trail cost tax payers! The cost to have a government agency go out and arrest them. Furthermore; the cost to employ and; manage the accused. 

How Pre-Trial Works

First; When someone is arrested and booked into Salt Lake Country Jail. The defendant is interviewed by Pre-Trial Services. Furthermore; if they are a candidate they will be released at no charge to the defendant or their family. Surprisingly; These defendants being release can range from simple misdemeanors to major 1st Degree Felonies.

Why Bail Bonds

First: When you hire a Utah Bail Bond Company to Bail out a defendant there is no cost to the tax payers being that Bail Bonds is the private sector.

Second: The amount of Bail set by the judge for the incarcerated defendant is put up by the Utah Bail Bond company is full to the courts to guarantee the defendant to show up to all court appearances.

Third: If the defendant fails to go to their court appearances the Utah Bail Bond Company hires and Utah Bail Enforcement agent to go out and arrest the defendant which is then in turn charged to the co-signer of the bond NOT THE TAX PAYERS!!

Fourth: If the defendant fails to be captured by the Utah Bail enforcement agent the Court will forfeit on the Bond and charge the Utah Bail Bond company the full amount of the original Bail set by the judge.

Finally: It’s my opinion that Pre-Trial Services is more than a cost than a benefit to the general public and tax payers.

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