When your loved one calls from jail

When your loved one calls from jail, stay calm and call Massey’s Bail Bonds. We know the bail bond process and can help!

when your loved one calls from jail – Brought to you by Massey’s Bail Bonds

Why you shouldn’t rush to the jail

  • It is a secure facility so visiting them when they are first booked,  isn’t an option
  • Several of the Utah jails will not release prisoner information as it is considered a violation of privacy.
  • If you rush to the jail, more than likely you are going to be instructed to call a Utah Bail Bond Company which may require you to return home for additional documents.

Why you shouldn’t wait at the jail

  • The Bonding Process can take several hours before the inmate is released.
  • The inmate will have access to a phone within minutes of being released
  •  In some cases, the accused will actually be taken to the police department where they will be interviewed before booked into the county jail.
  • Sitting in a county jail’s lobby is about as pleasant as driving across the county in a Greyhound bus!!

 Why it’s important to stay calm

  • The Booking Process should take a couple hours. In some cases, the inmate will be released on their own recognizance which doesn’t cost you a thing.
  • Staying calm will prevent you from jumping in your car, rushing to the jail only to be disappointed since you will be unable to help. This costs you stress and valuable time.
  • There are several Bail Bond Companies throughout the state of Utah which are all required by state law to charge a minimum 10% fee. Some charge additional fees which can add up in the hundreds! Staying calm provides you time to do some research and find a company that will provide you great pricing with no hidden fees.

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